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Every child deserves to be safe, protected and loved. Unfortunately, many children in our region are abandoned and left without a stable home environment. Substance abuse, the breakdown of family structures, teenage and unwanted pregnancies and the inequality in our economy often cause parents to be unable or unwilling to take care of their children. Ruby Havens meets the needs of marginalized children through providing loving homes and safe havens. The need for safe places for children in peril is great. We also believe that families should remain intact, where possible.

Currently we have established one home in George. Our home houses six children with a South African house mother/couple that provides their care. Once we receive a child, we are responsible for taking care of all his/her needs, including spiritual, medical, social, intellectual and physical. The home creates an environment where the individual needs of the children are met and a child’s strengths can be cultivated.

Our biggest challenge and blessing is to restore an often abused and neglected child into a child that can give and experience love. In collaboration with the South African Department of Social Development, we work on the best possible outcome for our children beyond their time with us.

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