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Our skills development and training project follows a holistic approach by also equipping our participants on a spiritual and emotional level.

Our programmes offer a series of interventions and support during different phases of the skills development and training cycle, starting in schools. We collaborate with the Department of Basic Education and provide pre-screening counselling, peer to peer education, father figure interventions and identity establishment. A successful school career is paramount to taking the next step into the formal employment sector.

Post school, we collaborate with the Work 4 A Living Programme (CWP) as well as the Community Workers programme to ensure that skills development and training are coupled with emotional and spiritual equipping.

Unemployed and unskilled members of our community are trained and equipped to become active contributors to our economy. The programme is also deployed in our local prisons and we work with parolees as well as inmates to help them become economically active and break the cycle of resorting to crime as a means of making a living. Our holistic approach ensure that our interventions are proving to be more effective in helping participants to find purpose and make a meaningful contribution to our communities.